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Our newest: SeaVar and Jindal Steel joint project for carbon capture in steel plant, Oman. 

DALL·E 2024-01-23 17.15.20 - Create a photorealistic image of the exterior of a steel plan


SeaVar has designed and implemented a small scale

system which will initially

capture 2500 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. 

Untitled design (94).png


Our new carbon capture pilot system is a groundbreaking step towards environmental sustainability. This innovative technology captures carbon emissions directly from steel production, turning a challenge into an opportunity for climate change mitigation. It's designed for easy integration and is highly customizable. 


The current landscape of carbon capture presents a financial challenge, with costs hovering between 40 to 60 USD per tonne. Our project marks a significant leap forward in this domain, promising a more cost-effective solution. With this innovative approach, we anticipate reducing capture expenses dramatically, to as low as 17 USD per tonne. This advancement not only makes carbon capture more accessible but also sets a new benchmark for economical environmental stewardship.

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