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Proprietary CO2 capture for marine engines: new from SeaVar!

After 11 years of development and extensive testing, we are pleased to offer- beginning September 2020- our patent- pending technology for the capture of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide for engines used in the global maritime shipping industry.

We have customized our technology for all types and sizes of ships, from container ships and crude oil tankers to cruise ships, and from small Aframax to ultra- large container ships.

The technology removes over 99 percent of the sulfur dioxide and over 95 percent of the carbon dioxide produced by the diesel engine, even with the use of heavy (high) sulfur fuel oil. Now fleets can be future- proofed, reducing carbon emissions as early as 2021 and creating valuable carbon credits. This results in a compelling economic success: even with current spreads between the cost of high sulfur and low sulfur fuels, and even more so with marine gas oil, return on investment is very attractive.

What's more, we are relentlessly focused on minimizing any impact of our shipboard system on port and ship operations, or on the engines. There is no sea water use or discharge, no back- pressure on engines, and due to quick installation no dry docking is required.

We are fortunate to be able to marry many years of experience in capturing sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions with the veteran expertise of ship designers and operators.

To learn more, please contact SeaVar: we welcome your questions!

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