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Accelerating The Energy Transition 

Low Cost, Safe and Green Carbon Capture and Usage


We’re Changing the Way the World Captures and Uses Carbon

At SeaVar, our vision is a sustainable world where industries thrive responsibly. With over 50 years of expertise in emission control systems, we lead innovation, capturing and utilizing carbon dioxide effectively. Our patented technology transforms CO2 into valuable resources for cleaner energy and materials production, contributing to a greener future. Together, we create a sustainable and resilient path forward.

Patented Capture Process

Greener- non-toxic reagent with a gentler end-to-end environmental touch

Safer- inorganic reagent which unlike amines is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-carcinogenic

Significantly Cheaper- 12-17$ per tonne of CO2 captured, and being driven lower

Scalable Elements- proven emissions technology developed over 50 years and operates at a variety of scales across different global industries

Wider Application- safe technology can be used across heavy manufacturing, shipping, transport, gas and coal power stations as well as direct air capture.

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Versatile and Effective: Our Systems Excel in Diverse Industries

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Steel & Iron

We have significant experience capturing emissions in all types of steel
production plants, including those using Direct Reduction of Iron, Basic Oxygen, and blast furnaces. Over 53 years, we have worked with Jindal Steel, US Steel, Republic Steel, and others. We pioneered the capture of emissions from coke oven pushing decades ago.


By adopting our eco-friendly and cost-effective methods, cement manufacturers can enhance their operational efficiency and contribute to a cleaner planet. Specializing in innovative carbon capture, we enable the industry to achieve environmental objectives without compromising on performance.

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Some of our executives are internationally recognized for their business acumen in the maritime industry. This has enabled us to develop cutting- edge, patented capture technology especially designed to assist owners and operators of ocean- going vessels.


Our approach not only safeguards the environment but also offers cost-efficiency, boosting the operational performance of petrochemical plants. Specialized in carbon capture, we equip the industry with the capabilities to achieve environmental compliance while maintaining high productivity.

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Carbon capture power generation

Power Generation

Since 1973, we have designed, installed, and operated over 16,000 MW of capture systems for various emissions from  power generation plants using a variety of fuels. Many of these are still in service, a testimony to our understanding of power plant operations. In some cases, our technology innovations have significantly reduced both emissions and power generation operating costs.

Our systems are scalable and customizable

Pilot To Full Scale

Ask us about our over 50 years of developing new capture technologies, validating them in pilot scale systems across a wide variety of industries, and then successfully scaling what we learned to full scale, commercial size. Past pilot scale projects include CO2 capture in the Four Corners coal power plant, SO2 capture in the Square Butte coal plant, particulate and SO2 capture at Montana Power, CO2 and SO2 capture at Gulf Power, coke oven pushing particulate capture at Republic Steel, and others.

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Partners and Clients

We work with amazing partners across the spectrum to provide efficient and economical carbon capture and usage solutions.

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